Services and Products

Refrigeration services for a range of

Plant Rooms

Procold was the first company to successfully create and use refrigeration plant rooms within insulated containers. These containers are stored outside the actual store thus allowing for noise free storage that's more efficient to maintain. Our plant rooms can also be monitored remotely.

Cold and Freezer Rooms

We provide Commercial Refrigeration Services to:
- Bars
- Cafes and Food Outlets
- Restaurants
- Supermarkets
- Hotels
- Sports & Recreation Centres
And more

Display units

To keep your produce fresh and ready for purchase, it needs to be temperature controlled. We've installed opened and closed displays at 100's of supermarkets across the country such as Checkers, Game, Shoprite, Meat World and many more.

Electrical Switchgears and Panels

With our national expansion of the installation and maintenance departments, our internally and locally trained technicians together with approved suppliers provide technical service and experience to suit various requirements. Pioneering our move towards international market trends with regards to new refrigerants and computer aided control systems.

Piping and cabling

We take care of the entire refrigeration project from planning and design, pipework and cabling, full installation and after sales services and maintenance. Our optimized and professional system design ensures maximum satisfaction and minimizes refrigeration breakdowns.

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